White Teeth Global sent me their Teeth Whitening Kit with LED powered by a smart phone (iPhone or Android). I was skeptical that this would work. This comes with a case for the mouth piece, the mouth piece, 2 different peroxide gel percentages, remineralization gel, mouth guard for applying the gel, and a shade comparison chart. I received extra gel for the review. Prior to using this kit, I have used natural toothpaste, whitening toothpaste as well as oil pulling. While all that is great, I really needed something to get my teeth a bit whiter. They just seemed off.

Enter White Teeth Global. Here is the mouth piece and on/off button. They both glow when the unit is on (and plugged into your smartphone). You simply paint the peroxide formula from the pen on your teeth, plug into your phone, and then put in your mouth and turn on for 20 minutes. The first few times I did this I noticed a slight sensitivity but it went away quickly. If you experience sensitivity you can use the remineralization gel.

Inexpensive Aesthetic Lift – One of the most important benefits of a teeth whitening procedure is that it is low cost. You can choose from a variety of do-it-yourself teeth whitening products which are easily available in the market for as low as $20. A majority of these products don’t give long-lasting results. A professional treatment on the other hand, may average around a few hundred dollars, but it is a good price to pay when you consider the quality and long-lasting effects. With advanced instruments and experience, a professional can give you a perfect set of white teeth which can last for years if cared for properly. Thus, this treatment really gives an inexpensive appearance lift to your personality.

The teeth whitener light with 10 LED lights is powered by your smart phone or computer, and you don’t need batteries. The light produced causes the teeth whitener gel to react faster. One thing I do like about this is there is no boil and bite tray.

The light on this teeth whitening model is supposed to produce more light than any other at home teeth whitening LED with 10 individual LED lights reacting on the gel. The lights are what speeds up the teeth whitening process.

I did not bother using the cheek retractor. I have used the  White Teeth Global LED whitener about 10 times and I see a 2 shade difference so far. I do not smoke or drink coffee, but I love my black tea and creamer. I have not used it every day or I would probably see a much bigger difference. I usually put it in while I am doing my makeup and just play a FB Live video while I am getting ready.

I will not gross you out by showing you my teeth, because if you are like me, that wouldn’t make for great reading and I don’t want to subject people to close up of teeth. When I started using this kit, I was whitening once a week and was not seeing results. Then I realized I could use it daily! There was such a difference. I could see small daily improvements and I am smiling much more now.

In the end, I really like the  White Teeth Global LED tooth whitener. It seems to work well for the price and doesn’t seem to have a ton of sensitivity. I do like how it’s gradual so people won’t see you one day and say “HEY! You got your teeth whitened”. Plus there is no trip to the dentist!

Source:  Crazy Life as Mom