When the American brand  White Teeth Global contacted me to test their whitening treatment, I did not hesitate to accept! I have always seen on television these kind of teeth whitening kits to do comfortably at home and I’ve been always very curious to understand if they actually really work or just are a way to steal money.

I am currently still under treatment but I can already tell you that I see the first results, so shortly I will tell you my final impression of this teeth whitening kit signed by White Teeth Global.  There are many kits that you can buy on the site, this one is the most complete and will cost $99.00.

This SUPER Kit Includes:

2 Syringes 10ml (Good for 48 applications!) of 35% Carbamide Peroxide2 Thermo-Molding Mouth Trays1 Teeth Whitening & DEEP CLEANING 2-Step Whitening Foam System1 Silicon Filled Dual Arch Mouth Tray with Mouth Tray Container1 Plasma Light Transmitter1 Teeth Whitening Pen full of Whitening Gel1 Tooth Shade Guide to track your whitening progress1 Remineralization Gel Syringe of 3mlComplete Easy-to-Follow Instructions for each whitening system

What immediately struck me the most was the simplicity in creating your own customized trays. Inside the kit you will find two thermo-molding mouth trays that you just have to put in hot water and then put in your mouth to create customized trays that will allow you to proceed with the treatment and with the whitening gel.  To better understand the simplicity and how to use this whitening treatment, I invite you to watch the video tutorial at the end of this post.

Once fully completed the treatment, I will show you the result and my review.

Source:  Syriously in Fashion blog