Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

“I’ve tried white strips and many OTC products from my pharmacy but they never worked. I could tell a slight difference but the other products never gave me the results I was looking for. White Teeth Global’s kits are easy to use and finally gave me the level of whitening I have been looking for.”

Jennifer Austin

“I did not want to use a strong whitening gel so I opted to try White Teeth Global’s 2 step Foaming system. This system couldn’t be easier to use. It is literally like simply brushing your teeth. I used it for a month and saw a difference. Now I am hooked”

Mary Farley

“Image is important for my job and I use Tooth Gloss regularly to keep my smile strikingly beautiful. They say you can never make a second first impression so I try to keep my smile looking as good as possible.”

Jessica Swanson

“I had my teeth professionally whitened and they gave me some take home gel to use. However when I ran out of gel and asked for more, the dentist wanted to charge me a fortune. White Teeth Global’s refill gel is just as strong as my dentists or stronger and I pay half the price.”

Mark Smith

I love this teeth whitening kit. I’ve had it for about two weeks now. . I had no teeth sensitivity, no gum sensitivity no problems at all with this!! My teeth are visibly whiter. Every picture I take looks like I have a filter on. This is well worth the money!!! 

Lynn Moc

My teeth are noticably whiter after using this product. Its very Easy to us. My dentist was very impressed with how white my teeth look.

Sandy Hardbarger

This kit works wonders, to begin with my teeth are not too brown or stained but I recently started drinking a lot of coffee and noticed they had gone a shade darker. I wanted something quick and affordable. trust me this kit is worth every penny.

John Carlos

This product definitely whitened my teeth with consistent use, even after one use I could notice a shade lighter.

Diana Luz

I’ve used whitening products before and have had many issues with sensitivity. I’m admittedly impatient so when I didn’t see results after a couple of uses, I was skeptical, but consistency is key, and my teeth are substantially whiter after a couple weeks of uses. Even better, I’ve had NO sensitivity since using this- I would highly recommend!

Mark S