It’s so simple to use and actually whitened my teeth some with the very first use. I later used it again after having a professional cleaning and it worked even better. I would recommend this product, certainly.

Daniel White

I forgot to take before pictures my bad, but after the first use I already saw a huge difference! I was very shocked at how much whiter my teeth got. Directions were really easy to follow and you are given enough “solution” to do multiple treatments. There wasn’t a harsh taste and I haven’t noticed any added sensitivity to my sensitive teeth.

Sussie C

It’s a good basic kit that makes sense at that competitive price. You will see results, and you will have good quality gear that can be used for some time to come. Great customer service.

Mike Rusell

This is an incredible product. In only a week my teeth have gone several shades whiter than they were not even doing it every day.

It is extremely easy to use and quick! You can’t beat the price.

Martha R

Professional coffee drinker here lol 👋🏼 I needed something more than whitening toothpaste, but the white strips make my teeth entirely too sensitive for days. So I gave this a shot, and boy, was it a pleasant surprise. Gave me the whitening I was looking for with NO sensitivity. I am thoroughly impressed

Jessica F

I have used countless teeth whitening things and this one is pretty affordable, very easy to use, and the best of all is that it doesn’t make my teeth sensitive after using! I can’t wait to see how white my teeth will get. My wedding is next year and I want my teeth as white as my dress! I will tell all my friends to buy this kit!

Linda Taylor

I’ve been looking for an affordable way to whiten my teeth without expensive dental treatments. I’m so happy I found this! It’s easy to use, and I can already tell a big difference

Briggite Evans

Great product, design and easy to use. Comfortable and already showing results! A+

Scott Brown

Got my kit a few days ago and I’m super excited!! It’s really simple to use and the instruction card was definitely helpful!

I’ve used it twice so far and can tell a slight difference already!

Zoe Thompson