Teeth Whitening Kit with 2 pens and iLed Light

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What is Included in this Kit:

  • 2 pens of whitening gel to be applied directly to the teeth.
  • Teeth Whitener Light with 10 LED lights and powered by your smart phone, computer or external battery (iPhone, Android, and USB plugs included) so NO BATTERIES needed.

Simply apply the tooth whitener gel on your teeth with the pen then place the light in your mouth for 25 minutes and the 1200 MCD Millicandela of light produced causes the teeth whitener gel to react faster and more effectively.

Our system will remove most stains with a gentle action that whitens your teeth. As the active ingredient in the gel (carbamide peroxide) is broken down, oxygen acts upon the stained organic deposits, which oxidizes them into a white color. This process makes the overall tooth color closer to its natural unstained color. Your tooth structure remains unchanged. Years of clinical tests have demonstrated the safety and effectiveness of this system. Over 95% of people treated achieve some level of tooth whitening. Crowns, bridges, bondings, and fillings do not lighten.

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