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The Super Kit combines 3 different teeth whitening systems and both types of mouth trays making a complete teeth whitening solution.

This SUPER KIT is the most complete kit we offer!

Suggested Use:

  • Start by applying the CP teeth whitening gel to either the Thermo-forming or Silicon-filled Mouth Trays & wear the trays with the Plasma Light in your mouth over the trays for 20-30 minutes daily for 10-15 days.
  • The Dual Foaming white system can be used daily during and after the treatment with teeth whitening gel and the light. Simply brush your teeth first using the Step 1 Foam and then again with the Step 2 Foam.
  • The Teeth Whitening Pen can be used during or after treatment as well. Many people choose to use it for touch ups. Use by simply painting the teeth whitening gel directly on the teeth with the pen's brush.
  • The Remineralization Gel is for use after a complete whitening treatment to remineralize the treated teeth, and is to be used in the same way as the teeth whitening gel in one of the mouth trays, but without the Plasma Light.
  • Use the Tooth Shade guide to identify the shade of your teeth before and after treatment.

This Kit Includes:

  • 2 Syringes 10ml (Good for 48 applications!) of 35% Carbamide Peroxide
  • 2 Thermo-Molding Mouth Trays
  • 1 Teeth Whitening & DEEP CLEANING 2-Step Whitening Foam System
  • 1 Silicon Filled Dual Arch Mouth Tray with Mouth Tray Container
  • 1 Plasma Light Transmitter
  • 1 Teeth Whitening Pen full of Whitening Gel
  • 1 Tooth Shade Guide to track your whitening progress
  • 1 Remineralization Gel Syringe of 3ml
  • Complete Easy-to-Follow Instructions for each whitening system
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