Silicon Filled Mouth Trays

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The silicon filled mouth trays provide a close fit to your teeth, and are very easy to form to your specific teeth structure.

All Silicon Filled Trays come with a tray container.

How they Work:

  1. First remove the Tray from the seal plastic bag.
    Note: All of our trays come sealed to insure sanitary standards.

    The longer portion is for the upper teeth.
  2. Next bite down hard in the middle of the silicon with the longer portion pointed upwards.
  3. Once you have bitten down all the way through the silicon, use your fingers to push the silicon around your teeth.
  4. Now push your tongue forward against the tray to create room for the whitening gel within the tray.
  5. Then use your fingers to pull the tray downward breaking the air seal to extract them from your mouth.

See the photo gallery to see how every step should be done.

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