Alightener Product Line Combo Kit

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*Our Alightener Foam is a great 2-in-1 product which not only keeps the aligner trays clean and disinfected but also gradually whitens the teeth with a light peroxide formula.

*We offer the Alightener Foam formula in a smaller 5ml spray bottle. This is a pocket sized version to be used on the go.

*Our ortho-seaters are used to help seat the aligner trays tightly on the teeth. Well seated trays speed up the straightening process by increasing the effectiveness.

*The Outie Tool is a patented long blue plastic tool with a hook on the top and bottom making it very easy to remove the aligner trays.

*The Teeth Whitening Pen contains whitening gel which is painted directly on to the teeth. We can add any % of whitening gel, and also can apply custom labels to the pens for orders of 100 or more.

*Not pictured but included in the combo is a plastic aligner tray cases (blue and white). Tray cases help keep the aligners clean when not in the mouth, and have air holes for sanitary purposes.

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