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Il più syrio del gruppo: il Super Kit [ITA]


Ciò che mi ha immediatamente colpito è stata la semplicità nel creare le proprie mascherine personalizzate. All'interno del Kit troverete delle mascherine che basterà inserire nell'acqua calda e...

The most Syrious in the bunch: the Super Kit


What immediately struck me the most was the simplicity in creating your own customized trays. Inside the kit you will find two thermo-molding mouth trays that you just have to...

Get the Smile You’ve Always Wanted


Mama was quite impressed with her results from White Teeth Global! Not only are the kits very easy to use, but the results are also pretty amazing! I liked the fact that I had no tooth pain whatsoever! The gel was very easy to use and was mess free.

Tooth Gloss

White Teeth Global is proud to annouce our newest addition to our cosmetic denistry line, Tooth Gloss. This great new product whitens your teeth instantly by adding a thin coat of special gel illuminating your teeth.  Tooth Gloss is perfect for photo sessions or special occasions when you need your smile to look it's best.


WTG ToothGloss

Kosher Certification for White Teeth Global's supplier

White Teeth Global's supplier proudly announces that their products have been approved for Kosher Certification

White Teeth Global announced today that their products have been approved for Kosher Certification by International Kosher. All of White Teeth Global's teeth whitening gel is now certified as Kosher quality.

"We take great pride in producing high quality products at a low cost with excellent customer service while offering a wide selection of oral care products. Kosher certification will add a new dimension to our customer base", says Cathie Rhames, President and CEO of White Teeth Global's exclusive supplier.

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