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Make your own custom trays for teeth whitening at home


I can tell you that my teeth did look a couple shades lighter after a couple nights use, even with my daily tea and coffee consumption.

Definitely whiter teeth in 2 weeks


I used the teeth whitening product for 3 days a week for two weeks. I did notice a result. Of course I drank coffee every day, so I’m sure I could have done even better if I had abstained or used a straw. The kit has enough gel for several...

Get a Whiter Smile with White Teeth Global


I’ve always envied people with sparkling white teeth. It makes such a difference in one’s appearance, and I want that difference!! I was sent a Super (teeth whitening) Kit from White Teeth Global and couldn’t wait to brighten my smile!

Il più syrio del gruppo: il Super Kit [ITA]


Ciò che mi ha immediatamente colpito è stata la semplicità nel creare le proprie mascherine personalizzate. All'interno del Kit troverete delle mascherine che basterà inserire nell'acqua calda e...

The most Syrious in the bunch: the Super Kit


What immediately struck me the most was the simplicity in creating your own customized trays. Inside the kit you will find two thermo-molding mouth trays that you just have to...

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