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White Teeth Global: kit di sbiancamento [ITA]

Sigrid Reviewsjoomla

Già dal primo trattamento ho sentito i denti più puliti. Effettivamente riesce a sbiancare i denti. Io già di partenza non avevo i denti molto scuri, perché non fumo, non assumo caffè o sostanze che possano macchiarli. Comunque un miglioramento sicuramente l’ho notato. Infatti con soli 5 trattamenti la colorazione dei miei denti è migliorata di 3 tonalità. Direi proprio un ottimo risultato, che non mi aspettavo in così breve tempo.

Let your summer smile sparkle with White Teeth Global

Kellys Thoughts On 1

There are (...) kits that include LED lights, remineralizing gels and more, so how much you do is really up to you. You can stay simple with the basic kit or you can go more in depth with a fuller kit - either way you're going to love the finished results.

Make your own custom trays for teeth whitening at home


I can tell you that my teeth did look a couple shades lighter after a couple nights use, even with my daily tea and coffee consumption.

Definitely whiter teeth in 2 weeks


I used the teeth whitening product for 3 days a week for two weeks. I did notice a result. Of course I drank coffee every day, so I’m sure I could have done even better if I had abstained or used a straw. The kit has enough gel for several...

Get a Whiter Smile with White Teeth Global


I’ve always envied people with sparkling white teeth. It makes such a difference in one’s appearance, and I want that difference!! I was sent a Super (teeth whitening) Kit from White Teeth Global and couldn’t wait to brighten my smile!

Join now to get these benefits!


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