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Kosher Certification for White Teeth Global's supplier

White Teeth Global's supplier proudly announces that their products have been approved for Kosher Certification

White Teeth Global announced today that their products have been approved for Kosher Certification by International Kosher. All of White Teeth Global's teeth whitening gel is now certified as Kosher quality.

"We take great pride in producing high quality products at a low cost with excellent customer service while offering a wide selection of oral care products. Kosher certification will add a new dimension to our customer base", says Cathie Rhames, President and CEO of White Teeth Global's exclusive supplier.

Kosher Certification means that a trained representative from International Kosher has inspected the facilities and will continue to inspect records, formulas and methods of production on a continual basis without an appointment. They confirm that all of the ingredients that go into a product comply with their high standards of excellence and that equipment and methods of fabrication also meet these standards.

White Teeth Global views kosher certification as having two important facets. First, it confirms the fact that products sold by White Teeth Global are kosher. And secondly, it serves as a credible, third-party endorsement of ingredients. The kosher symbol acts as a quality assurance check for the consumer, similar to the Good Housekeeping Seal of approval.

International Kosher, under the direction of Rabbi Berel Simpser, is happy to welcome White Teeth Global's exclusive supplier as a kosher certified company. Rabbi Simpser states: "This partnership brings a unique product line to the kosher market. It is a pleasure working with Cathie Rhames, company owner, and all her staff. Their enthusiasm and cooperation has been exemplary. We look forward to a long relationship with the company."

About White Teeth Global:

White Teeth Global works exclusively with Sunshine Health Products, Inc., a licensed manufacturer of professional quality teeth whitening products with 30 years experience in the dental field. White Teeth Global has consistantly chosen to sell only the Sunshine Health brand because of the company's ongoing research to maintain the most effective, highest quality teeth whitening on the market.

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