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Whiten Your Teeth With a Cell Phone



The kit comes with 2 teeth whitening pens, 1 remineralization gel pen, 1 mouth tray with teeth whitening LED lights and 1 storage/carrying case.



This is not just an ordinary kit

The unique mobile-powered LED lamp features 16 LED lamps rather than the 3-5 found in most LED teeth whitening kits. The mouth tray is made with non-latex food grade silicone (not plastic).  The LED device has both Lightning and Micro-USB connections for Android and iPhone, so no extra battery is needed! Plus, it is mobile and very easy to use. 


Advantages of remineralization gel

Remineralization gel is used after treatment to promote healthy teeth and strengthen your teeth enamel which helps reduce sensitivity. This allows the enamel to actively remineralize itself in the presence of fluorides, calcium and phosphate. Remineralization gel is proven to repair small invisible lesions in the teeth. It can be applied before bed to provide thorough night-time remineralization.



White Teeth Global won’t disappoint

I have used many teeth whitening kits and have been disappointed time after time.  White Teeth Global didn’t disappoint!  My teeth got whiter plus I didn’t have that sensitivity that is common for me. I had actually stopped using all whitening products prior to trying this, because of the pain I’d be in. I am very excited to have found something that whitened my teeth and also kept me out of pain.

25 minutes to white teeth

Simply apply the tooth whitening gel on your teeth with the pen, then place the light tray in your mouth for 25 minutes for maximum benefits. The light produced causes the teeth whitener gel to react faster and more effectively.

Purchase this kit from White Teeth Global’s Website for just $69.95.

Source: Kelly's Thoughts on Things blog

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