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iLED Teeth Whitening Kit: The Quickest and Safest Way to a Perfect Smile


One of the amazing people that I know is Teacher Khey Gingo. (...) According to her, this whitening kit was so easy to use and the result was visible after initial use. The stains on her teeth that she got from wearing braces were totally removed. The result keeps getting better as she continues using it. Well, you can see in the photos that it's really, really effective.

Two shades whiter teeth in 10 days!


The teeth whitener light with 10 LED lights is powered by your smart phone or computer, and you don't need batteries. The light produced causes the teeth whitener gel to react faster. One thing I do like about this is there is no boil and bite tray.

Easy to use, surprising results!


White Teeth Global has a selection of very good teeth whitening products that will give you a brighter, whiter smile, remove stains from your teeth with ease and won't cost a fortune...

iLED teeth whitening with your smart phone


I was very impressed by how well this product works. I noticed a significant lift in the color of my teeth after 2-3 uses. I was thrilled that it works so fast and effortlessly. No nasty white strips to mess with for 30 days. When my session is done, I rinse the LED light and return it to the case. (...) I have had ZERO sensitivity while whitening my teeth.

Whiten Your Teeth With a Cell Phone

Kellys Thoughts On 1

Introducing a new concept in at home teeth whitening from White Teeth Global. This one-of-a-kind LED lamp is powered by your mobile phone!

Join now to get these benefits!


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