Understanding Misaligned Bites – Underbite and Overbite

One of the most common orthodontic issues is a misaligned bite. This occurs when the upper and lower jaws do not align properly.

A beautiful smile is our business card!

White Teeth Global is a distributor of dental whitening products with 30 years of experience in the dental sector.

The most SERIOUS in the bunch: the Super Kit

When the American brand White Teeth Global contacted me to test their whitening treatment

Two shades whiter teeth in 10 days!

White Teeth Global sent me their Teeth Whitening Kit with LED powered by a smart phone (iPhone or Android). I was skeptical that this would work.

Easy to use, surprising results!

White Teeth Global has a selection of very good teeth whitening products that will give you a brighter, whiter smile, remove stains from your teeth with ease and won’t cost a fortune.

iLED teeth whitening with your smart phone

It’s crazy how many things we can use our phones for. I was slightly amused to review this product from White Teeth Global.