It’s crazy how many things we can use our phones for. I was slightly amused to review this product from  White Teeth Global. It’s a teeth whitening kit that is powered by my smartphone. I was quite pleasantly surprised by how GREAT this product works! I HATE how stained my teeth can get. I’m a daily coffee and coke drinker. It’s not pretty on my teeth…or my waistline, but we are talking about teeth today.

As a mom, there is never enough time in the day for every item on the to-do list. Whitening my teeth is a luxury I don’t always have the time or money for. I wanted to find a teeth whitening system that was effective and quick. I FOUND IT!

Each night, about a half hour before I aim to be asleep, I whiten my teeth. I like the brush that dispenses the bleach. I feel like I can paint it on my teeth thoroughly. Then I plug the iLED mouthguard light into my phone and I lay down in bed to play Candy Crush or browse social media. Let’s be real, we all do that anyway before we go to sleep, so why not multi-task and whiten the teeth too. By laying down, I found that I don’t get the nasty collection of spit and my whitening goes so fast when I’m entertained by my phone. The light turns off after 25 minutes and makes a quiet beep-beep.

I was very impressed by how well this product works. I noticed a significant lift in the color of my teeth after 2-3 uses. I was thrilled that it works so fast and effortlessly. No nasty white strips to mess with for 30 days. When my session is done, I rinse the LED light and return it to the case. I’ve used the whitening system about 7 times and here is a difference in the color of my teeth. I took the photo on the top left in October and cringed when I noticed my teeth. I feel no self consciousness about my teeth color now and I look forward to getting them a tiny bit whiter too. I have even tested out some brighter lipstick colors with my newfound teeth confidence. I felt like bright colors drew attention to my yellowish teeth, but now I can show off my pearly whites.

I have had ZERO sensitivity while whitening my teeth. I have tried different products that have had uncomfortable side effects. While this kit comes with a sensitivity product, I haven’t had to use it. White Teeth Global’s i LED teeth whitening kit is a wonderful way to quickly whiten your teeth.

Source:  The Simple Moms blog