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An Invisible Way to Straighten Your Teeth

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A new and amazingly easy way to straighten teeth is now being offered throughout the dental world. This system is known as an aligner (you might have heard one of the biggest manufacturers of such systems, called Invisalign) and is made from approved material that is virtually invisible; meaning you can correct your teeth without anyone noticing! What a great way to get started on a new year with a new smile! Who wouldn’t want to do that? 

Each individual aligner is as unique as a fingerprint and guides your teeth into alignment to give that winning smile. Aligners, unlike metal or ceramic braces, are removable! This makes brushing and flossing your teeth an easy task instead of a chore. Best of all, you can eat whatever you like and not worry about getting food caught in your metal braces. Correcting crooked teeth does not need to be a complicated process or compromise your lifestyle. 

Manufacturers make use of the latest technology and dental research to provide you with the best fitting, most comfortable aligner that works for your specific needs. Like traditional teeth braces, aligners work by gradually altering the position of your teeth. You wear each set of invisible aligners for one to two weeks before progressing onto the next stage and new aligners. You will change your aligners about 30 times over a year period which is the timeframe it usually will take to get your teeth to the correct position for that perfect smile. 

You will be expected to wear your aligners around the clock except when you are eating, drinking or caring for your aligner. You can, however, take them out for special occasions although the more you wear them the better and faster they work. Taking them out for extended periods will delay your progress. You will visit your dentist every four to six weeks to monitor your progress and be sure that you are changing your aligners at the correct time intervals. 

Cleaning your aligner is very simple - just rinse your invisible aligners with cold water when you remove them, but never clean with hot water and don't run them through the dishwasher! Clean with soap, not toothpaste. Don't soak your invisible aligners in mouthwash. Like the aligners themselves the cleaning and care of your device is extremely easy. Always remember to brush and floss before you wear it.

Would you like to clean the retainer and whiten your teeth at the same time? Alightener Foam is just for that - check out the product link!

So get ready for a new year and a new winning smile!

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