What Every Clear Aligner User Should Know

Braces are necessary to straighten crooked teeth, however, most choose not to have them as it affects their appearance and is quite uncomfortable. The good news is that you can still fix crooked teeth using trays that are invisible — well, almost. Invisalign aligners help in making the teeth straight without dimming your smile.

What is an Aligner Chewie?

To use an Aligner Chewie, just position it between your teeth and bite down. Quickly move it from one end of your mouth to another, continuing to bite up and down, until you have bitten on it with all of your teeth. Then go back and do it again, and keep repeating the process. Most orthodontists will tell you to bite on the Chewie for 5 to10 minutes several times per day. One popular method is to bite on the Chewie for at least 5 minutes before bed. This will help your aligner tray stay well seated and tight against your teeth while you sleep at night.

6 Big Benefits of Teeth Whitening Post Braces

Just had your braces removed? Can’t wait to feel the smooth surface of braces-free teeth and show off that new straight smile to the world? But first, consider a simple teeth whitening treatment. Why, you might ask?

Teeth Straightening Options to Treat Crooked & Misaligned Teeth

When we think of braces a vivid picture of a metal mouth comes to our mind. Slowly, this picture is fading away as orthodontic advancements have allowed people of any age to correct their  misaligned or crooked teeth with methods that are beyond traditional metal wires and brackets.

How to Keep Your Orthodontic Aligners Clean

Now that you have made the decision to use orthodontic aligners to create your winning smile, you will need to make sure you keep them clean at all times. If you don’t clean the aligners on a regular basis you will create a setback in your schedule for achieving the smile you deserve.